The Aviary features a human-sized cage inhabited by two cast concrete birds that can neither sing nor fly, as well as several additional cast concrete birds frozen in flight.If we refuse to take action to change our lifestyle patterns,the possibility is a future with only remnants of wildlife:we will have to memorialize what had been in the form of a fabricated tableau.Aviary predicts the future of our natural world to be a manmade place.

We are a planet in crisis. Aviary asks our community to work towards the common goal of environmental stewardship, and encourages viewers to think about the impact of their actions on their own personal space and beyond. This installation raises awareness about the Earth’s imminent destruction, and encourages conversations that ultimately create actions around this issues. All citizens will need to do their part and take dramatic steps to reduce our combined ecological footprint. As such, there needs to be a heightened sense of responsibility animating our community so that we engage emotionally, internalize an environmental ethic, and truly feel the exigencies of our generation.

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